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Knowledge, technology linked with Kashmir freedom
Knowledge, technology linked with Kashmir freedom

LAHORE: (Monday, February 05, 2024): Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood has said that we have to strengthen ourselves in the field of knowledge and technology for the freedom of Kashmir. He was addressing a seminar organized by PU Directorate of Students Affairs in collaboration with Kashmiri students in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day. On this occasion, Director Students Affairs Dr Muhammad Ali Kalasra, Chairman Department of History Prof Dr Mehboob Hussain, Principal College of Pharmacy Prof Dr Syed Atif Raza, Associate Professor Dr Sardar Asghar Iqbal and PU students from Indian Occupied Kashmir and Azad Jammu & Kashmir were present.

In his address, Dr Khalid Mahmood said that the sacrifices of Kashmiris are eternal and we pay homage to them. He said that India has always given a negative message about Kashmiris through its films, to counter which students should learn the skills of film making and script writing. He said that our thoughts, ways of living and dealings separate us from the Non-Muslims but many forces are working to erase this difference. He said that the oppression of Muslims in Occupied Kashmir, Ayudhiya and Delhi under the Modi government has exposed the hidden face of India to the world. He said that Modi's atrocities towards minorities have once again proven the truthfulness of two-nation theory. He said that like Syed Ali Gillani, Afzal Guru and Burhan Wani, we should keep the yearning for freedom alive in ourselves. He said that the United Nations should play a positive role for the freedom of Kashmir.

Prof Dr Mahboob Hussain threw light on the history of the Kashmir issue. He said that at the time of the partition of Punjab, two states were given to India under a conspiracy. He said that the issue of Kashmir has become the biggest issue of human rights. Dr Sardar Asghar Iqbal said that history tells us that Kashmir was once a superpower which is suffering from oppression and exploitation today due to wrong decisions and conspiracy policies. Prof Dr Syed Atif Raza said that the Pakistani nation is with the Kashmiri people on moral, legal, political and diplomatic fronts. Dr Muhammad Ali Kalasra said that PU will continue to play its role to highlight the Kashmir issue at all levels. On this occasion, documentaries and tableaus based on atrocities on Kashmiris were presented by the students. Earlier, ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ rally was organized under the leadership of Dr Khalid Mahmood. The students participating in the rally were dressed in Kashmiri clothes and were holding placards and banners with slogans of independence. The participants also chanted slogans of ‘Go Modi Go’ and ‘Go India Go’.