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PUCP’s Dr Imran Tariq nominated for ‘Fulbright Scholar Award-24’
PUCP’s Dr Imran Tariq nominated for ‘Fulbright Scholar Award-24’

LAHORE: (Tuesday, April 09, 2024): Punjab University College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutics Assistant Professor Dr Imran Tariq has been nominated for the ‘Fulbright Scholar Award-2024’ in recognition of his outstanding achievements in research and teaching. The Fulbright Scholar Award is one of the most extraordinary awards in academic programs around the world. Out of 959 potential candidates, Dr Imran has been selected as the recipient of this award for his outstanding services in the field of nanotechnology and potential treatment of brain cancer through innovative gene delivery. Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood praised Dr Tariq with the hope of promoting international cooperation in the field of nanotheranostics. "We are proud to celebrate Dr Imran's achievement and look forward to the continued impact of his work on a global scale," he added. The VC said that Dr Tariq's Fulbright Scholarship will enable him to engage in pharmaceuticals collaborative projects, further complementing his academic journey and fostering international connections. On this achievement, Dr Tariq said that he is extremely honored to receive this honor and committed to furthering his research in nano-theranostics and to play a major role in establishing a neurolab in Pakistan to treat brain tumors through nanotechnology. Principal College of Pharmacy Prof Dr Syed Atif Raza said that Dr Tariq's commitment to research and passion for nanotechnology makes him a worthy recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship Award. He said that the community of the Department of Pharmacy congratulates Dr Imran Tariq on this outstanding achievement.